101 Ways to Transform Your Life

101 Ways to Transform Your Life

“You can change your life a matter of moments by doing one simple thing. ‘Change the Thought You Think and the Words You Speak. Your Internal Dialogue has enormous affect on every aspect of your life. And you can alter it in Positive Way.

1. Know, in your heart that there is an Invisible Intelligence in Everything. And we have the power to make contact with that Divine Intelligence that create a Life of Bliss. There is something Divine that rolls through all things, you can’t get hold off it, a little seedling has treeness in it, what it is put into the ground. You can’t see treeness, you can’t see the tree, but you know what is in there. And same with you; You Have Greatness, You Have an Energy that is so powerful and flows through you and in everything that you have come into contact with. Know it, begin to trust it, and you will find yourself experiencing transformation in your life.

2. The doorway to higher levels of awareness in your life, opens inward. Where inward in that silent, quiet, empty space within is where the Universal Intelligence lies, it is where your essence as a human being is. Begin to Look Inward, rather than outward each day.

3. Appreciate everyone, everything in your life. Appreciate, rather than judge.

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