A Celebration of Life

A Celebration of Life

“As Physical Beings who share this earth plane, We Are Blessed. Which mean, We Are Worthy, and Revered As Good. And we are being offered for more correctly stated we have chosen. This glorious place at this time, in order to express our BEINGNESS for these reasons. Because it feels very good to be physical. Because we can see things more clearly through physical eyes. And because there are others who are here, who are seeking the clarity of our vision. We are here upon earth in this time, because it is our wanting to BE. We are not being tested, or we are not here to prove. We are here to BE. And it is our desire to BE JOYFUL.

In this physical realm, there is that which feels good and which does not. And it is thus unto all of the Universe and each of us of have the choice of the absolute freedom to look for that which is UPLIFTING nature of and that which is the opposite. And there is no one in all of the Universe who has the power to do for us that selecting. It is OUR CHOICE. It is a choice we make not once in a life time, not once in a day but hundreds of times in every day. And it is the Combination of those Choices that Equals the Life Experience that we live.

As We Experience TOGETHER, We Are More than which any of us could experience individually.”


A time of Celebrating Life,

A time of Celebrating Eternalness,

A time of Recognizing that Our Value, Our Power is always right HERE in our NOW.

To look back to yesterday has no value, but to Give Full Attention to Where We Are Now and Who We Are. Doing our very best in our choosing of topics to think about and speak about. To choose those topics Uplifting unto us.” —Abraham

“The Kingdom of Heaven Within You” — Jesus Christ

Put THE WAY YOU FEEL to top of the list, and all of the other aspects fall unto perfect alignment.” —Abraham

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