Everybody has a Calling

Everybody has a Calling

Everybody has a “Calling” of some kind. Our real work is life is to figure out what your calling is. To find out it, we need to pay attention and listen to our inner voice which is our real voice of us. Because everybody knows it deep in the heart, just sometimes we avoid and refuse to accept it. Also sometimes we sabotaged by other people and ourselves.

Life offers us abundant things. And we are never on wrong paths, just it’s matter of our perception and choices we make.  Being aware of it, appreciating it, making the choices deliberately rather than by default. Life whispers to us all the time. And whatever feels right, you feel enthusiastic, passionate about, sparks the light in us and something that you can be yourself is our true calling in life. We are all co-creators of our gracious life and infinite universe. Each one of has own platform and roles. So tune into the flow, be in the present moment, let the divine intelligence speak through you, make you come alive into your uniqueness and express it through you..

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